Latif Semmar

Kickboxing Instructor

Latif started his martial arts journey in his native Algeria at a young age with Shotokan Karate. He later switched to Boxing & Kickboxing following his older brother. He competed in junior flyweight & junior lightweight, he stopped competing in 2008 due a severe injury while preparing for the national kickboxing championship. This unfortunate incident didn’t stop his love of martial arts, and his mentor proposed that he switch his focus to coaching. In 2010-2011 he obtained his Diploma from the Algerian Kickboxing Federation in Coaching & Physical preparation. Over the years he has practiced other Martial Art such as Judo , Jeet Kun Do, KSW Special Forces version. This all while in addition to being a full time police officer! Latif enjoys teaching and sharing what he knows to help others. He credits Martial Arts saved his life several times.